Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The spontaneous way

Some weeks ago I was carrying a piece of paper of different cool hairs photos in my handbag. Yet, suddenly, one day it rained a lot and my lovely handbag and I got wet. When I got home I opened it to see how my all stuff was. Almost everything was right but I saw the paper with the photos so wreck due to the rain. I opened it out and I could see how the colors of the pictures have been running (or fading, I don't know exactly which word would be better, sorry). Firstly, I though "Gosh, It can't be posible" but in a few seconds later, I got shocked.  The mix of colors, the whole composition,... were stunning.

Then, I realized that sometimes, being spontaneous is an important way that people don't attach importance. I didn't do anything and I was stonished about the result of the pictures. Some of the best artists of nowadays use the spontaneity to show what they want to transmit (but well, they want to make an appeal or just show their feelings I'm not trying to say that I'm an artist).
Down here, the cool wet pictures:

And be spontaneous.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

really!? it's unbelievable that you got such amazing pictures "espontaneosly" thanks to the water from a rainning day! I think that God wanted you got these final images to opend your mind to discover a whole new world of fantasy and sweety things! This blog remember me something different and strange, like an unicorn. good luck in your life amazing blogger!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It is true that spontaneity can take you places you never imagined, and not just talking about art.
Spontaneous remains
I love your blog and your style.
spontaneous remains

Álvaro said...

muy de acuerdo con tu teoría!! :)