Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Becoming a coolhunter

Today, I would like you to introduce a stylish person who inspires me a lot. His name is Yvan Rodic and he is the creator of the blog Facehunter. He started his blog as other people just to show what he liked, what he thought it was beautiful. Yet, as the time goes on, he has been realizing other qualities about the street people as the personality they show for instance. He just catches the moment taking photos of ordinary people who can be the inspiration for other people just for the way they got dressed.

One who doesn't know much about fashion world ( and, in this case, about coolhunters) they may do not know who is Yvan Rodic but they may do about Scott Schuman ( The Sartorialist ) as a famous coolhunter. Schuman has influenced on me so much as well. Even though, I've got to say that these last months Yvan Rodic has been getting almost all my atention for fashion. I've been making inquiries about him, reading interviews and watching reports about his job, etc. and I got astonished. So, that's why I wanted him to show up in this blog. Down here you can check some pictures from his blog out.