Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Tuesday is my weekend

Emerged from the New York City, that is a band i've just fallen in love with. I really love indie rock music and these guys just stole my heart becoming then, in one of my fav bands. Otherwise, I really love their american style wearing leather jackets, skinny jeans, converse, cool tshirts, crazy hairs... That reminds me kinda grunge style but w/ the psychedelic style of 70's. They are The Strokes.

Despite their amazing music, I've got to say that my fav band is (after The Beatles, of course) The Kooks. I personaly think that when you become an artist, in that case, a musician, it's not just all about your music. What you want to carry out is almost always so important as the image you are going to show up because as the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words". So, maybe, you and your music are going to say whatever you want to transmit, but sometimes it's your image what is going to indetify physically the appeal you are making. 

In my opinion, music is something I couldn't live with. I think people do not realize that the more different music you listen, the more personality you have. Music even shows sometimes our personality, but well, that's another topic.

To sum up, fashion comes around everywhere. And music is a topic where I can find out so many trends. Especially in indie rock bands, I find something really cool in all of them. I'm inspired by a lot of stuff but music is maybe one of the most persuasive things to me to create my own style.


Ciccia said...

Yes, music is very important, without music it would be very boring.

Label me Addict said...

okay so i am so loving your blog and it's just so fun!!!

Label me ADDICT ♥

Fashion Insanity said...

I love Indie music as well! .. But never heard of this band, definitely gonna look them up :) Thanks for sharing!

Rosa Pel said...

nice blog! i follow you !

when BABI speaks said...

this is cool! nice post!

jill said...

Dude. I love the Strokes - I have most of their songs memorized. And these photos totally seal the deal - I really want to steal some of their fashion ideas for my own wardrobe!

x. jill
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