Thursday, February 24, 2011

A piece of me

All these photos belong of where I still live. Yes, my little bedroom. I'd love to have my own house and decorate it by myself with all my stuff and getup. I'd love to. Hope this day is not so far away.



Alejo Limón said...

eiii q be q et veig! la banda sonora es d lo mejorcito i les fotos aqestes q fas tu magraden molt!! aveure si continues tan activa cm smpre!!!:) n ptoooo

Laura said...

love love love it :-)

sure, I think julia and I want to come maybe in autumn?! :p
when do you want to come? you've to tell us!!!

thanks for following :)
oh, I've allready started to blog for maybe 2 weeks so it's just the beginning :)


Arien said...

Hola!! Me gusta el nombre de tu blog ahora también jeje
que chulas las fotos, el colgante es genial
un besazo!